We hear a lot of commonly asked questions... So we thought we would answer a few of them here - but please do call us if there is something we have on covered here! Phone 0800 121 316

Can I use it on the coast?

Yes you can, however we use a different skin on the exterior called colour steel Max coastal grade.

What Maintenance do I need to do?

A wash every 6 months like all painted surfaces is required. This way you would get your 50+years on the product.

How do I fix a hole or damage in the panel?

Easy, it would be repaired the same as a dent in your car.

How do I hang pictures or TV’s?

Basically the same as normal but rather than nails or screws use Rivets.

Can I paint it?

Yes you can. In the normal way that you paint a normal house. You can even Wall Paper it. Only difference is in the Prep.

What colour options do I have?

You have the colour steel colour range to choose from as well as some Lux designer steel options such as wood grain, Corten, Stone, zinc and fabric.

Can I trust this product?

PIR has been around in the world for 40 years. It is used in 90% of buildings in South Korea.

Do yours homes meet the new insulation standards?

Yes we still are above the new standards. Our ceiling R Value is 7.2 and our walls are 3.6.

What are the approximate costs for transportation, council content and connection of utilities?

All House It homes include GST, ex Yard*

Approximate costs for council content, transport to the site, piling costs, deck, stairs, all utilities connecting and working are:

  • Approximately $40,000 - $60,000 for a studio or one bedroom home
  • Approximately $70,000 - $100,000 for a two, three, or four bedroom home
Can my deck be upsized?

YES. Talk to us about add-on modification options.

What size deck comes with my House It dwelling?

Standard Size: 4.8m wide x 2.0m deep with stairs upto 45m² unit, and 6.0m wide x 3.0m deep with stairs for 60m² and above.

Why do you not have inbuilt wardrobes?

We chose not to do the inbuilt storage in the bedrooms; as this allows for so much more flexibility when arranging your bedroom space. Often with the change of seasons, the angle and amount of sun can vary - thus requiring some strategic placement of bedroom furniture.

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