We hear a lot of commonly asked questions... So we thought we would answer a few of them here - but please do call us if there is something we have on covered here! Phone 0800 121 316

What are the approximate costs for transportation, council content and connection of utilities?

All House It homes include GST, ex Yard*

Approximate costs for council content, transport to the site, piling costs, deck, stairs, all utilities connecting and working are:

  • Approximately $40,000 - $60,000 for a studio or one bedroom home
  • Approximately $70,000 - $100,000 for a two, three, or four bedroom home
Can my deck be upsized?

YES. Talk to us about add-on modification options.

What size deck comes with my House It dwelling?

Standard Size: 4.8m wide x 2.0m deep with stairs upto 45m² unit, and 6.0m wide x 3.0m deep with stairs for 60m² and above.

Why do you not have inbuilt wardrobes?

We chose not to do the inbuilt storage in the bedrooms; as this allows for so much more flexibility when arranging your bedroom space. Often with the change of seasons, the angle and amount of sun can vary - thus requiring some strategic placement of bedroom furniture...

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